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Visual Reports

Visual Reports

It would seem that in the last few years more and more constructors are required to supply monthly visual progress reports to their consultants and end-users, which is great for us. These reports will often include <50 photographs, sometimes printed and presented in albums; <20 minute video; time lapse videos (the most we have on one job is 6); and quarterly drone photography and videography.

The reports also normally include a spreadsheet with thumbnails, descriptions, dates etc. This niche area has become something of a speciality for us and we have provided monthly visuals for nine major civil construction projects.


IFVP ltd was incorporated as an IBC (International Business Company) in 1987. We have been working globally, with a strong focus on the Middle East, since this time. The company’s founder, Paul Kavanagh, is a former ITV award winning cameraman and photographer with almost five decades of experience, three of them working in the Middle East.

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