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Post Production

As with production we invest heavily in the latest technologies and software for our post production facilities - we were one of the first independent adopters of the digital NLE (non-linear editing) platform back in the mid 1990s.

We provide everything that is required to take untreated footage from offline through to delivery including: creating opening titles; motion graphics; colour correction; music; spot fx; and voice over - this also includes writing the narration.

For recording our voice overs and doing the final audio dub we use Dubmaster Studios , with whom we have been working in close collaboration for more than twenty five years.


IFVP ltd was incorporated as an IBC (International Business Company) in 1987. We have been working globally, with a strong focus on the Middle East, since this time. The company’s founder, Paul Kavanagh, is a former ITV award winning cameraman and photographer with almost five decades of experience, three of them working in the Middle East.

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